• Contact Information:

    Lisa Hasbrouck and Michele Favale
    Duzine Elementary School
    Phone:(845) 256-4350 Room 4 (classroom) and Room 10 (co-teach office)
    Voicemail (845) 256-4000 ext.  Ms. Favale-69412 and  Ms. Hasbrouck- 69416
     Welcome to Ms. Favale and Ms. Hasbrouck's Class
    Second grade 2019-2020
    Welcome to second grade! We look forward to meeting you on September 5th. We hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready to get to work!  As you know, you have two teachers. Below is a description of co-teaching that we truly believe and try to up hold everyday. If you have a special pick-up schedule or you dismiss  to a different bus or to the YMCA program please send in a note that tells us that.  This is our 8th year team teaching and we look forward to getting to know you and your family. We both adopted new puppies this summer so be prepared for dog stories!
    Macy Hasbrouck                                Thor and Xena  (Favale)
            Macy Hasbrouck                                           Thor and Xena Favale
    Please be sure to send your child with sneakers daily!!
    2019-2020 Specials Schedule   
    Physical Education- Sneakers required  A, B, C, F days
    Music  E days
    Art D days
    Library A days at 10:35
    Spanish B, D, F days at 11:25
    Co-teaching is two or more people sharing responsibility for teaching some or

    all of the students assigned to a classroom. It involves the distribution of

    responsibility among people for planning, instruction, and evaluation for a

    classroom of students. Another way of saying this is that co-teaching is a fun

    way for students to learn from two or more people who may have different

    ways of thinking or teaching. Some people say that co-teaching is a creative

    way to connect with and support others to help all children learn. Others say

    that co-teaching is a way to make schools more effective. Co-teaching can be

    likened to a marriage. Partners must establish trust, develop and work on communication,

    share the chores, celebrate, work together creatively to overcome

    the inevitable challenges and problems, and anticipate conflict and handle it in

    a constructive way. (http://www.corwin.com/upm-data/6847_villa_ch_1.pdf)


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