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    U.S. History & Government Mr. Gill

    Course Welcome Letter Fall 2021

    United States History and Government

    Hello Parents and Guardians, 

    My name is Jim Gill and I am your child’s U.S. History and Government teacher.  The past eighteen months have been challenging in many ways.  We were compelled to make adjustments to our daily lives. Our society and government have been consumed by the COVID- 19 pandemic, political demonstrations, dramatic foreign affairs events and the recent Presidential election.  This course provides an opportunity for your child to develop historical contexts regarding how the nation has arrived at this point in order to make sense of the world around them.

    The course develops your child’s critical thinking, discussion and writing skills.  The lessons will not only help your child successfully complete the course, which as of now is still scheduled to end with a New York State Regents Exam, but will also provide them with important skills and knowledge that will be beneficial to them as young adults outside of the classroom environment.

    As the school year begins  all assignments will be posted in their Google classroom.  All students and parents should have received an invitation to join the class.  Please let me know if you have not received one.   I will also utilize my high school website to post review materials such as vocabulary lists, test prep activities and helpful links.  

    Each quarter is worth 20% of your child’s overall grade and the Regents exam is also worth 20% of the overall grade.  Within each quarter, the grade is based on a point accumulation system.  For example, a student earning 400 of a possible 500 will have an 80% average. A course outline is provided on the following page.

    Your support is important and appreciated.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.  My phone number is 256- 4175 ext. 69522 and my email address is jgill@newpaltz.k12.ny.us .  Together we can provide the support to help your child display their resilience, flexibility and commitment towards a successful school year.


    James E. Gill

    James E. Gill

    Course Outline

    Unit 1:  Colonial Foundations: 1609- 1775 

    Unit 2:  Constitutional Foundations: 1776- 1799

    Unit 3:  Expansion, Nationalism and Sectionalism: 1800- 1861

    Unit 4:  Civil War and Post Civil War Era: 1861- 1900

    Unit 5:  Industrialization and Urbanization: 1870- 1920

    Unit 6:  Rise of American Power: 1890- 1920

    Unit 7:  Prosperity and Depression: 1920-1939

    Unit 8:  World War Two: 1935- 1945

    Unit 9:  The Cold War: 1945-1991 

    Unit 10: The Civil Rights Movement: “Power to the People” 1945- Present

    Unit 11: Recent Social, Economic and Political Changes: 1992- Present

    Textbook: United States History and Government: New York State Edition- (McGraw- Hill Education 2018)
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