• Science Research

    Mr. Seweryn


    First Assignment


    Welcome to Science Research!  Your first Assignment is to read and write a brief (50-75 word) summary of 10 articles from any reputable civilian news source (New York Times, National Geographic, Scientific American, The Atlantic, etc.).  One or several of those sources can be a peer reviewed scientific journal (required for incoming juniors, not for incoming sophomores).  Your articles should center around a core area that's of interest to you (Astronomy, Marine Biology, Environmental Science, Physics, etc.).  If you have a very specific topic in mind (ex: birds and their eating habits)...Great!  If not, don't worry...the purpose of this assignment is to allow you to explore an area of science of interest to you and come up with some potential research areas.  


    Upon return to school in September you will give a brief (5 minute), informal presentation of what you found during your reading.

    Any questions...email me.       JSeweryn@newpaltz.k12.ny.us


    Enjoy your summer!