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    Hey Geometry Classes.

    As you know, the last two weeks have been classified as snow days and spring break, but starting tomorrow, Monday, March 30th, it will be time to resume learning.

    Mrs. Russolello and I are joining forces to provide you with some Geometry content. You will see each lesson on the CLASSWORK page which will include video live streaming classes which you can join (optional), video recordings of the lesson which you can watch at your convenience, and assignments for you to submit. Note that the live streaming lessons and submitting work will not start this week!

    This will be a learning process for all of us, so do not be anxious. We will be available for help and guidance. The most important thing is your physical and mental health. I will be holding a "meet and greet" just to get us all talking and testing online learning at some point but for now videos of me going through the lessons will be available on the classwork page within Google Classroom. The first one will be available on Tuesday, March 31st. This will be a video for Lesson U7D2. The "A" day classes have already had this lesson on Using Quadrilateral Properties. There will also be another recording available later this week for the next lesson.

    There are a couple of options to have success with each lesson. If you have a printer, you can print out the notes and homework and follow along with the video, pausing it when necessary to do some practice. If you don't have a printer, follow along with the video with a notebook next to you to allow you to do some practice and take some notes. Do the homework in your notebook. Always remember to check the answer key for the homework.

    Check Google Classroom each day to see what's next. We are hoping to incorporate live streaming classes next week.

    I know some of you have questions about making up missed work (quizzes, tests, homework, etc), and making corrections, and how grading will work. Unfortunately we do not have all the answers just yet. As soon as we figure it all out, we will let you know. DO NOT be concerned. We will figure it out together.

    Again, you are not required to submit any work this week. We are working on the honor system!

    Mrs. Russolello and I will be available to answer questions via email for this week. Hopefully, we will be holding live streaming office hours next week. (Instructions will follow.) Don't hesitate to reach out.

    Again, relax and do not be concerned. We will figure this out and get through it together. Your teachers miss you and are looking forward to communicating with you and continuing your education.


    Geometry Homework Page

    Warning: We provide the information on this website as a courtesy. Although we strive to keep the information up-to-date and correct, we are not responsible for any misrepresentations of any kind. Your teacher, in class, provides the most accurate information about homework, tests, and quizzes. Please do not leave class without a full understanding of your upcoming assignments.

    If you do not have a calculator for at home use, you can download the TI-84 calc app on any smartphone for $5 charge.  

    Upcoming Events: Using google classroom...check your invite in your school email! 


    Unit #6 Quest: Fri. A 3/13   B: when we return ?

    Quest is still given on Friday and Monday!!!  Mathbits is a great website to help you review! I also posted many videos and practice under the geometry video tab!

    Regents Review #6   (Jackson)B Thur. 3/12   (Russ)Tues. A 3/17

    Practice questions with video solutions are posted! 




  • A 3/13 B 3/16

    Posted by Deneen Jackson on 3/11/2020

    TRIG QUEST !!! Did you complete and check the practice packet from last class?
    Did you complete your study portfolio#6? Put it in your portfolio folder with #1-5!!

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  • A 3/11 B 3/13

    Posted by Deneen Jackson on 3/9/2020 4:00:00 PM

    Complete trig practice packet and check your answers! 

    Trig packet KEY

    Complete Study Portfolio #6 for test day!

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  • A 3/9 B 3/10

    Posted by Deneen Jackson on 3/6/2020

    G_HWS 6-2 solivng trig equations

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  • A 3/5 B 3/6

    Posted by Deneen Jackson on 3/3/2020

    G_HWS 6-1 Intro trig

    Watch videos under geometry video tab!

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  • A 3/3 B 3/4

    Posted by Deneen Jackson on 3/3/2020

    Jackson's Block 2B: complete the regents practice packet handed out in class!

    All other classes- no homework

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  • A 2/28 B 3/2

    Posted by Deneen Jackson on 2/27/2020

    Complete your practice test and check the answers!

    Russolello's  stations key

    Jackson's  stations key

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  • A 2/26 B 2/27

    Posted by Deneen Jackson on 2/24/2020

    G_HWS 5-9 dilating  a line!

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  • A 2/24 B 2/25

    Posted by Deneen Jackson on 2/20/2020

    G_HWS 5-8  G_HWS 5-8.pdf


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  • A 2/20 B 2/21

    Posted by Deneen Jackson on 2/18/2020

    G_HWS 5-7  (pdf)  partition a segment and dilations

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  • A 2/18 B 2/19

    Posted by Deneen Jackson on 2/12/2020

    G_HWS 5-6 mixed review

    G_HWS 5-6 mixed review.pdf


    Did you study Lessons 5-3, 5-4, 5-5 and 5-6? QUIZ!!!!

    Go to videos for help!

     Class work key: Left: 1) 4  2)6  3)10  4)8  5)3   6)18   7) 5   8)16

    Right:  1) 3   2)10  3)16   4) 6  5)18  6)4  7)8  8)5

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