• 2022 Graduates

    Lora Johnson - Culturing living cells from 250 million year old New Mexico salt crystals

    Brandon Sirof - The Effect of Playing Position on Judgements of Cheating in High School Athletes


    2021 Graduates

    Anabel Evans - Long-term Warming and Nitrogen Deposition Drive Changes in Enzyme Activity

    Zoe Falcone - Picky Eating in Relation to Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder

    Hope Nitza - The Effect of Land Development on Stream Ecosystem Health in the Mill Brook Preserve in New Paltz, NY

    Anne Lemek - Identification of Archaea Associated with Recovery from Antibiotic Exposure

    Alec Trifilo - Effects of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia on the Emotional and Physical Well Being of Patients

    Emily Kucharczyk - A Comparative Analysis of Microplastics Consumed by White Perch in Two Locations Along The Hudson River, USA.

    Devi Patel - The Correlation of Gender Bias in Children’s Selection of Mobile Games

    Reeti Patel - A Study of the Correlation Between Childhood Adversity and Increase in Specificity of Murder in Male Versus Female Serial Killers

    Diego Schillaci - A Comparative Analysis of Microplastic Distribution in Snowfall

    Anthony Sackett - The Effect of Meditation on the Attentional Capacity of Adolescents

    Hannah Spilhaus - The Effects of Prosocial Tendencies on Interpersonal and Personal Interactions


    2020 Graduates

     Madeline Abramson - Tumefactive Demyelinating Lesions: A Case Series of 12 Patients

    Jaden Thomas-Markarian - Axiom Selection Optimization using Deep Neural Networks


    2019 Graduates

    Shiyuan Ge - Radiation Transition Probability of Nuclear Energy States for Even-Even Nuclei with Mass Greater than 48

    Carolyn Reeves - 


    2018 Graduates

    Brian Ackert - Assessing the changes in flood frequency due to climate change in the Wallkill River in New York State, USA

    Allie Defoe - The effect of human disturbance on bee populations in the Shawangunk Ridge and the Northern Wallkill Valley

    Alex St. George - The Effects of Player Position on Impact Magnitude and Impact Location In High School American Football Athletes

    Samantha Musso - Implicit Bias in the Classroom: The Influence of Teacher Handwriting Legibility on Grades Given to Written Assignments

    Iman Khan - Impact of Age, Experience of September 11, and Interactions with Muslims on Islamophobia