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    Mrs. Mallory







     My Classroom EXPECTATIONS: 

         1.  Be on time. In your seat and ready to work.

         2.  Be respectful. 

         3.  Be prepared for class including writing utensil and sketch book required daily.

         4.  Always give your best effort. Always!

         5.  Take care of classroom materials. 

         6.  Take care of the classroom.

         7.  Clean up after yourself and push your chair in when you leave. This is extremely important in the
              classroom.  Alsways put things back in their places

         8.  When absent, e-mail or stop in, and check the website for content missed.

         9.  Wait to be dismissed before you leave the classroom.

        10. No eating or drinking in the classroom - this includes no chewing gum.

        11.  All music and cell devices are not to be seen or used during class unless approved by instructor.

        12. Work is to be submitted when due, we have a very tight timeline and you must complete items
               in a timely fashio so as to not fall behind.

        13. If you have fallen behind, have missed a class or would like to put in extra time on your work,
              the art studio is opened after school on a regular basis.  
              Please do not wait to come in to complete your work. 
              Make arrangements as soon as you deem necessary.
              Open studio is weekly on Tuesdays.

        14. Always pick up after yourselves. Many hands make light work. Leave the room as you found it.
              It is your responsibility to take care of the classroom equipment.

        15. Be an active participant in all discussions and critiques.





    I, _______________________, have read and understand the above expectations and will honor this classrooms expectations.

    ___________________________________                 __________

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