• Welcome to Ceramics I 

    Clay is an exciting medium to work with. 

    The word Ceramics comes from the Greek keramos, and refers to the art
    of making both useful and beautiful objects and artifacts such as bowls,
    sculpture, cooking and serving utensils, tiles, electric insulators, components
    of spaceships, bricks, and many other objects used by humans.
    In this course students will develop an understanding of the nature of clay
    and the properties of ceramic materials.


    Ceramics are more than pottery and dishes: clay, bricks, tiles, glass,

          and cement are probably the best-known examples


    Creative and Beautiful Examples of Ceramic Arts (1)  Anne Goldman looks like carved coral


    Ceramic materials are also used in electronics since depending on their composition,

         they may be semiconducting, superconducting, ferroelectric, or an insulator.

    Ceramic materials are also found in the medical field.

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