Ceramics Course Requirements
    Homework  / Sketchbook / Portfolio   15%

     ALL homework assignments will be collected or checked off at the beginning of class on the date it is due.  Sketchbook entries will be graded for each project as well as a digital portfolio quarterly.




    Quizzes/ Critiques/ Reports/ Presentations   25%

    Each project will have a critique-discussion activity.  There may be quizzes, reports, and presentations periodicallythroughout the quarter.


    Projects/ Tests    60%

    Projects will be completed throughout the semester. Projects will be completed individually. Late projects will result in a 5% penalty per class day that it is late.

                 Grades will be based on participation, creativity, class work ( use of time), effort, neatness and overall quality of work.  Rubrics will be used to                 arrive at project grades.  Main catagories include Composition, Creativity, Effort and Craftsmanship.



    Supplies Needed

    1- Marble notebook or sketchbook ( please pick up soon while they are 50 cents)

    #2 pencil or Mechanical Pencil
    A smock or apron or old t-shirt
    Plastic bags or dry cleaning bags( these work best)
    Hand lotion


    Extra Help


    Please take advantage of the extra time so that you do not fall behind.


    Tuesday is open studio.  Otherwise schedule a specific time.












Last Modified on September 4, 2019