This course is designed for students that have an interest in project based learning. It is a “hands-on” course intent on developing functional design products. By integrating Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Math; students will utilize and develop CAD design, 3-D fabrication, mechanical skills, and aesthetic design skills through modeling and building of functioning prototypes. In addition to the development of products, the course investigates related areas of design and the factors that drive the sales and influence public perception of manufactured goods.



    Throughout the course of the year students will be expected to collaborate, design, create, innovate and work through the Design Process to ultimately produce a custom "one of a kind" two wheeled vehicle.

    -students will use their knowledge of the Principles and Elements of design to make informed decisions on products made

    -students will solve 2-d and 3d design problems while working the the design process. 

    -students will become familiar with fabrication techniques and skills required in designing and building a two wheeled vehicle

    -students will explore and gain understanding of advertising, propaganda, and the effect it has on creating mass produced products

    -all students will walk away with a new level of confidence and understanding that they can translate thoughts and ideas into concrete, tangible, useable products



    Each student arrives to class on time, prepared, with a willingness to be productive and a desire to achieve their personal best.

    Our classroom is a safe and secure place where all students follow classroom rule and are able to participate and learn.

    Students will be respectful of each other and work cooperatively while utilizing listening and communication skills.


    When I talk to the class, please DO NOT interupt

    Arrive to class on time and prepared.

    All students must clean work station before leaving class.

    Students are responsible for saving work properly and as instructed.

    No food brought into classroom and drinks must be on the floor.

    Do not touch other people’s workstation without their permission.

    Remain quiet and attentive during all teacher instructional/ demonstration times.

    DO NOT engage in off-task internet activity. NO gaming, texting or social networking.

    Use headphones ONLY with teacher instruction or permission.