• 9/9 Lesson:  Paragraph writing

    Topic sentences and supporting details

    HW:  Finish your paragraph that was started in class.


    9/12 Lesson:  Continue with paragraph writing


    9/16 Lesson:  Article of the Week: Listening, annotation, discussion

    Creating topic sentences from suppoting details activity


    9/18 Lesson: Current Event Article (listening/reading/discusssion)

    Supporting details--sequencing activity

    HW:  Suporting details worksheet


    9/20 Lesson: Article and related comprehension questions (sub plans)


    9/24 Lesson:  Current Event article with summary and discussion

    Paragraph writing from choice of topics--will be a writing grade

    9/26 Lesson:  Ninth grade field trip


    10/1 Lesson:  Comprehension qustions based on article

    Complete sentences VS fragments

    HW: fragments worksheet


    10/3 Lesson: Quiz--fragments

    Current event article and written response


    10/7 Lesson:  Reading/lcomprehension article

    Factual paragraph writing

    10/10 Lesson: Factual paragraph: sequenicing information

    Intro to The Day No Pigs Will Die

    10/16 Lesson:   Mini lesson on avoiding repetion on sentences.

    Review of Day No Pigs Would DieRead ch.3  plus  Comprehension check

    HW:  Complete sentence repetition worksheet if not completed in class

    !0/18 Lesson:  Short block-pep rally

    Review repetion of sentences-group activity

    Day No Pigs class discussiopn review activity

    No HW

    10/22 Lesson:  Lesson: Review paragraph wriitng from factual info.  Go over sentences V fragments and repetition.

    In class wriitng activity--organize given notes and write 2 paragraphs 

    HW: complete paragraphs if not done in class

    10/24 Lesson:  Chapter s 4 and 5 of Day No Pigs Will Die with related writing and comprehension questions

    10/28 Lesson: Read ch.6 of day no Pigs Would Die with related activity sheet

    Descriptive paragraph-fruit

    Read also some of ch.7

    HW: Day No Pigs Would Die Activity sheet if not completed during class

    10/30 Lesson:  Descriptive sentences/expanding sentences.  

    Finish ch.7 and 8

    HW: Complete expanding sentences if not comploeted in class

    11/1 Lesson: Continue with Day No Pigs Would Die begin ch 9

    Using descriptive words in writing

    Cartoon paragraph 

    11/6 Lesson: Day No Pigs Would Die ch 9 & 10

    Comparison paragraph

    HW: complete paragraph if not finished in class

    11/8 Lesson: More comparision paragraph practice

    Day No Pigs Would Die cont.



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