• 11/13 Lesson:  Complete chapter 12 Day No Pigs

    Comprehension check

    Intro to narrative writing

    Continue with Day No Pigs if time

    HW: Complete narrative started in class (frightening incident)

    11/15 Lesson: Continue with day No Pigs Would Die ch.13

    Narative event writing

    11/19 Lesson: Finish Day No Pigs Would Die

    Comprehension check

    Cont with narrative writing

    11/21 Lesson:  Read ch 1 in Night

    Prepare for Night assembly

    11/25 Lesson:  Discuss/process assembly

    Begin close reading activity with topic of history of antisemitism

    12/3 Lesson

    Continue with close reading activity from last class

    12/5 Lesson:  Review To, Too Two, Its, It's


    12/6 Lesson: Its, It's  mini lesson

    Holocaust Webquest

    12/10 Lesson: contnue Holocaust unit Webquest

    Review Its, It's--quiz next class on To, Too, Two and Its, It's

    12/16-12/19 Lesson:

    Show The Wave with pre and post discussion

    1/2 Lesson:  your, You're

    Reading comprehension practice

    HW: Quiz on Your, You're

    1/6 Lesson:  Go over HW reading Comprehension

    Practice Your/You're

    Reading Comprehesion practice

    Your/You're Quiz

    Begin Roll Of Thunder

     1/8 Lesson:  Hand back graded assignments

    Review Reading Comprehension

    Reveiw characters from Roll of Thunder

    Intro argument essay

    HW: Vocab from Roll of Thunder

    1/10 Lesson: Contunue/complete argument essay

    Roll of Thunder

    HW: Complete vocab if not finished

    1/14 In Class Skills Based  Mid Term Exam




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