• 1/31 Lesson:  Continue with comprehension skills

    Review/analyze reading comprehensin section of the midterm exam

    Vocabulary Quiz

    Chapter two Roll of Thunder (audio) along with studyguide.

    Chapter 3 as time allows.

    2/6 Lesson:  Vocabulary ch.3

    Review study guide qs.--Roll of Thunder discussion

    Sharecropper reading comprehension

    HW:  Finish sharecropper reading, vocab sentences/defs.

    2/18 Lesson:  Complete ch. 3 and discuss

    Discuss research:  what would you like to learn?

    HW: index cards for vocab

    2/20 Lesson:  writing activity--describe one character from Roll of Thunder--use examples from text to support

    Read ch. 4

    2/24 Lesson:  Topic search for research

    Ms. Arkansas coming to show library data bases, discuss what is a good website, google, wikki etc

    Students explore the various data basis/select topic for research 

    HW:  Review vocab words-quiiz Wednesday

    2/25 lesson:  Vocabulary quiz and confirm research topic

    Comprehension check for Roll of Thunder

    Review paragraphs on characterization

    Chapter 5

    3/3 Lesson: Reading check for Chapter 5 Roll of Thunder

    Turning point paragraph

    Review instructions for research project

    3/5 and 3/9 Lesson: Reading comprehension lesson and research

    3/11 Lesson:  Back to Roll of Thunder!!

    Review turning point paragraph

    Chapter 6

    3/30 Lesson:  Reread Chapter 6 Roll of Thunder.  Remeber you can also listen to the novel by googling the title and audio.

    3/31 Lesson:  Hi everyone!  Hope you got a chance to reread chapter 6.  Uncle Hammer sure was angy over what happened to Cassie when she was in Strawberry.  Good thing Mr. Morrison went with him when he took off anfter learning how Cassie was treated.  Things  could have gotten very serious for Unlce Hammer! Toward the end of the chapter, Uncle Hammer takes the family to church in his very fancy car--the same kind of car that Harlon Granger has!  Here's your first written assignment that I will be looking at closely:  Answer questions #18,19 and 20 Chapter 6 Discussion Concepts in the learning packet.  Your responses should be in complete sentences.  Each response should be about 3 sentences minimum.  Email your responses by Thursday.  I am so looking forward to them!! 

    4/2 Lesson:  Please send me your responses for chapter 6 discussion questions # 18,19 & 20

    Vocabulary time!  Here arefive common words from chapter 6 you should all know:  REPRIMAND, OMINOUSLY, SUSPICIOUS, SYMPATHY or SYMPATHIZE, INDIGNANT  Define each word and use it in a sentence.  You can do this through an email or a googledoc, either way is fine.

    TO THINK ABOUT:  What is a protest?  Think aout the many diffeent ways a protest can occur and why.  Some protests may be peaceful and others can be violent.  A boycot is a type of protest.  We will see this in Chapter 7.

    4/7 Lesson: Please send me your vocabulary!  Either ina google doc or email it to me.

    Please read ch.7 p.140-top of p. 145

    Chapter 7 p 140-145 Bergstein reading

    4/9 Lesson:  Reading check question

    What happended to Stacey's coat?  Who are the two people that Cassie want to get back at for their obnoxious behavior?


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