• Welcome! I hope you are safe and healthy! Miss you!

    First, we must prioritize our family, our health, and our sanity! I know this is stressful. Please don't let any worries about AIS class add to that stress.

    Here is how we'll be going forward with online learning:

    1. Be sure to check your gmail and Google Classrooms frequently. 

    2. I will be using Google Classroom for all AIS 7/8 communications going forward. 

    Eighth graders - You are already quite familiar with this platform and how I've used it for AIS class. You are already members of the "Classroom" and we've used it many times to access materials and submit assignments.

    Seventh graders - This may be new to you! I've invited you all to the Classroom, but if you are still having trouble accessing it, the class code to join is k4t5ldi

    3. Each week, I will post a "Weekly Sheet" outlining expectations and suggested activities for that week. Please do your best to complete the work! I will provide feedback when neccessary. 
    4. Each week the Weekly Sheet will have tasks which fall under one or some of the following categories:
    • Communication: I will ask you to touch base with me or your classmates in one way or another. 
    • Community: These tasks are efforts to make this crazy world a little better, friendlier, more connected! Many times there won’t be ways for me to actually check if you’re doing them, but let’s resolve to do them together! 
    • Reading: This explains itself, but I’ll ask you to do a lot of independent reading. Sometimes I’ll want you to find your own texts, sometimes I’ll assign some texts. I’ll ask that you try out reading strategies too, which I'll be modeling for you. 
    • Writing: These are short writing assignments that you’ll submit to me. I will provide feedback and respond to your work. 
    • Word Work: Continuing our routine of Word-of-the-Week!
    • Online Engagement: There is a whole world of online resources to use during remote learning. I’ll be sharing some of these resources and asking for your interaction with them.
    Remember that Ms. Long will be your teacher as soon as I have my baby! I'll be making an announcement in our Google Classroom when that transition happens. From then on, please communicate with Ms. Long (hlong@newpaltz.k12.ny.us), as she will be your teacher! 
    All my best -- 
    Ms. Hayden 
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