• This letter was sent to parents on Friday, 9/4, around noon. If you did not receive it, please email me.


    Hello Parents and Guardians of my new 7th Grade English Students!

    (Please share this email with the kids. I haven't yet figured out how to email them until they sign into Google Classroom (GC).)

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. It feels good to be back to “school” and I hope this email finds you all well, or at least as well as can be expected. My family and I are doing alright, most fortunately!

    So, as you can imagine, we are going to start back-to-school slowly and gently. For now, while we are in Remote Learning, GC and Google Meet (GM) will be my primary ways of communicating with the students regarding academic work. Each child should log into their English period using the proper GC code AND the Book Talk code. I have also invited the kids to English class, but the codes are here as a back-up. (We avoid putting codes on our websites. They are in the email, not here.) The Book Talk GC is intended to be a fun platform for us all to just talk about books and what we enjoy reading. Please encourage your seventh grader to ALWAYS have a book going. Ideas for where to find books are at the end of this email and on my website. I’m also happy to help make reading suggestions.

    Please do feel free to email me about academics or anything that might be impacting your child’s life. Also, please encourage your child to check the school email frequently. I use it often, and I believe many of my colleagues do, as well. I am also happy to pick up the phone. If you’d like to speak to me, send me an email with your best number and a few options for times. If possible, share the topic you’d like to discuss in case I need certain information in front of me (my gradebook, for example). I will also be setting up “Office Hours” soon. I will be highly accessible during these times. They will be posted on my website shortly.

    Let’s work together through this next (bizarre) chapter in our lives! I’m looking forward to “meeting” you and getting to know you and your children.

    (And just to clarify- the kids will be attending their period 1-8 classes Tuesday through Friday of the coming week. A "Bell" schedule is on my website and in my GC. The schedule then changes the week of the 14th. It is a little confusing, but many of us plan on going over it with the kids, so they know what to expect.)


    All my best-

    Randi Rosen


    Where to find books:

    ~Look around your house. Any book has potential. There’s no such thing as too easy or too hard right now. If it looks good to you (and your parents are ok with it if it’s an adult book)- go for it. If you hate it- put it down. If you read it in 4th grade and loved it, read it again. Enjoy what you’re reading. 

    ~Did your friend just finish a great book and you want it? Go get it! Stay 6 feet away from your friend. Get reading. 

    ~Amazon used (or similar sites). Great deals. 

    ~Digital. I use Kindle to get books from Amazon, but also the public library. If you have a library card, search around your Elting or Gardiner library site. Also, go on the web and look around- you can find a lot of books for free or inexpensively. 

    ~Speaking of libraries- many are open for curbside pickup. Some even let you in. Use these amazing community resources.

    ~Reach out to Ms. Perez, our new Library Media Specialist at NPMS (eperez@newpaltz.k12.ny.us), via email. Ask her for book suggestions.

    ~Audiobooks… yes! Go for it. Why not?

    If you have other ideas, please share!

Last Modified on September 4, 2020