• As we would for our typical in person shows, we will create weekly rehearsal schedules that will be posted online and will be emailed out to everyone. A member of the stage management team will send out Zoom invitations via email approximately a half-hour before rehearsal is scheduled to start. As we would for a typical rehearsal, we will all meet as a group together before the individual group rehearsals begin. This time as a whole group will be used to go over the rehearsal schedule and give any other announcements. After we meet as a group, students will be split into their individual break out rooms for rehearsal. Below are some very IMPORTANT points that should be read regarding filming for the final cut of the show: 

    • All students should be set with their cameras facing a blank white wall and should NOT be wearing any white clothing. This is critical to the editing process. 
    • In addition, please make sure that you are NOT wearing clothing that contains logos, brand names, writing, etc.
    • For all singing rehearsals and recordings, students should have their headphones/earbuds available. Songs will be available on a click-track that students can sing to. The vocal rehearsals will go more in depth and provide further information. 

Rehearsal Schedules:

Weekly Rehearsal Reports:

Last Modified on January 26, 2021