• Publishing


    1. National High School Journal of Science: click here
    2. Journal of Emerging Investigators: click here
    3. The International Journal of High School Research: click here
    4. Harvard University Journal of Undergraduate Science: click here
    5. Exhaustive list of undergraduate journals!: click here
    6. Another exhaustive list: click here


    1. Undergraduate Research Journals for Psychology: click here




    Anything is worth trying as long as the risk is understood and there is a reasonable chance of success.  A student who writes a high quality research paper should attempt to publish.  The guidelines for publication can be gotten for almost any journal by doing an internet search for the publication.  A strong recommendation from a mentor who has previously published with the journal can help a great deal.


    On occasion a student’s research mentor will be so impressed with the student’s work\k that she/he will be invited to share in an article.


    Finally, there are several online journals that are especially set up for undergraduate research and are peer reviewed.  Above are the most prominent of these.  Within a few years there will almost surely be several more.  If you find new sources please pass the information along to Mr. Seweryn.