• Welcome to Life Science. This school year we will be learning about Life Science, which includes: characteristics of living things, classification, ecosystems, microscopic structures, cell parts and their functions, evolution, genetics and systems through comparative anatomy.


    Class Preparation:

    Prep Tasks may be given several times a week and should take no more than 15 to 20 minutes to complete. These assignments will include: reading and completing assignments, vocabulary, studying for tests and quizzes, and completing unfinished class or lab work. Class preparation includes students coming to class on time, bringing required materials, and participating in discussions, labs, and activities.  


    Labs, Activities and Classwork: 

    We will be working on lab exercises each week. Many of these will require a lab write – up. This may include answering questions about the activity, describing observations, or completing lab questions. Grades for assignments will reflect not only the quality of the write –up but also the work and cooperation of each group member during the lab itself.



    We will have topic quizzes which will evaluate the material/vocabulary covered in class. These are multiple choice or matching and typically have 15 – 25 questions. 


    Tests and Projects: 

    Tests will be given at the end of each unit and are worth 100 points each. These tests are longer and usually contain several parts including multiple choice, short answers, and structured responses.  At least 1 week’s notice will be given for upcoming tests. 

    There will be written reports or projects given throughout the year. These may be group or individual efforts. These projects may include outside research.



    Grading will be a point system depending on the size and complexity of an assignment.

    In general labs and tests will have higher point values then prep tasks, quizzes and classwork.


    Class Expectations: 

    1. Come to class prepared to learn everyday. 
    2. Be in class and in your seat before I begin class. If you are late to class, you will be marked late unless you have a pass.
    3. Attendance is very important. If you are absent you are STILL RESPONSIBLE for all assignments. Please check the board, the absent folder, my website or contact a classmate.
    4. Please do not talk to the people around you while class is in session.
    5. We need to feel secure and comfortable. We need to show respect to each other by using proper language and tone of voice, and keeping hands, feet, and other objects to ourselves. Fooling around is NOT tolerated in the science classroom.



    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I can be contacted at ewatts@newpaltz.k12.ny.us or 845-256-4200 extension 69733. 


    I am excited for a productive and successful school year, and look forward to working with you and your child. 



    Betty Watts


    Life Science

    Physical Science