• New York State Physical Education Learning Standards:



    Resource Management: Standard 3:

    Students understand and be able to manage their personal and community resources


    • should be informed consumers, aware of the alternatives available to them within their communities for physical activity and should be able to evaluate facilities and programs available
    • demonstrate the ability to locate physical activity information, products, and services
    • know some career options in the field of physical fitness and sports
     Where can you play Ultimate?


    -       In Physical Education classes

    -       In the backyard, with friends

    -       At the high school, there is an after-school club

       -  In college, there are intramural teams & competitive teams that travel to play versus other colleges
     Where can you play Football?


    -       In Physical Education classes

    -       At recess time

    -       After-school teams

    -       Powder puff (Flag) football at H.S.

    -       Youth leagues

    -       College teams (Flag & Contact)
    Where can you play Soccer?


    -       In Physical Education classes

    -       After-school teams
    -  At Morning Movers

    -       Youth leagues (Town & Travel)

    -       College Intramural & Competitive teams
    Where can you play Basketball?
    - In Physical Education classes
    - After school teams
    - At recess
    - During Morning Movers
    - In town parks
    - At home (ie. driveway)
    - In youth leagues (town or travel)
    - College Intramural & Competitive teams
     Where can you play Floor Hockey?
    - In Physical Education classes
    - Adult leagues
    - College Intramurals
Last Modified on June 22, 2015