• Ways to Study


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    * Media Control

       We learn best free of distractions- Turn off the TV, ipod, computer, etc. Find a quiet study area.

         WAYS TO STUDY-

    * Daily Review

        Daily review will prevent cramming and will raise test scores.  Studies show if you do not review within twenty-four hours, you will retain no more than 20 to 30 percent of what you have read or heard. REVIEW EVERY SUBJECT EVERY DAY.

    * Main Events Chart

        A Main Events chart is  a study aid that can be useful while reading stories or information in a textbook. This is a good method for checking comprehension and for tracking the sequence of events.

    * Flashcards

    Flashcards are a very effective study technique. Make flashcards to study for tests, learn content vocabulary, math facts, math formulas, science formulas, terms for all subjects, etc.

    * Highlighting/Underlining

        If done correctly, highlighting is an excellent way to pick out the main ideas. The most important rule of highlighting-read the section first and then go back and highlight. Do not highlight as you are reading because when you read something the first time, it all seems important, and you tend to highlight too much.

Last Modified on March 26, 2020