• When you find a video you like, click the button and copy the HTML code that is displayed.
    • Go to your webpage, place your cursor where you want the video player to go
    • Click on the VIEW HTML button at the bottom of the page. You will see a screen of code, with the cursor (IDEALLY!) in the right place. CTRL-V to paste the embed code into your page.
    • Click Save. You should have an empty box on your screen which will be replaced with the video when someone looks at the website (once they put in the override code)
    The result will be what you see below: a YouTube video WITHOUT the rest of the YouTube website.
    (Or we can stream it:  http://video1.newpaltz.k12.ny.us/boe_meeting/)
    You can get feedback with a Google Form:
Last Modified on December 17, 2012