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    Winter Break reading recommendations by the fifth grade students of Book Talker and fifth grade teacher, Colby Sharp



    S'now Much Fun!







    Fry Bread Fry Bread A Native American Family Story

    by Kevin Noble Maillard       illlustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal

    We shared the story of Fry Bread and celebrated food in our lives

    Giving Thanks: What's a favorite food? Do you help prepare it? Can you make it by yourself?

    creme  Kora  

    pumpkin  niki   NathanIvan2    egg  gab

    pasta  linzer  32

    alfredo  Alice  mashed 




    Tegwyn   Leo   waffles  





    BioCollage featuring people who have made a difference

    as presented by Ms. Crowder & Ms. Russolello students

    with Ms. Profaci and Ms. Lis-Simmons






    Summer Reading  - What are your plans?

    Alex        Inalia

    Ferdia       Haleigh


    June 2022 

    Students explored biodiversity of Hudson Valley and made patterns with critters they created in paintz

    em  jj

    bennett  fish

    bug lc  bird lc

    cater  cam

    red  bug bug

    zac  sophia

    josh lc   eagle

    grace  austin


    Eliza Eliza    Elliot  Elliot



    Ben Ben Levi Levi




    Haiku? You?

    Is it Cin-quain in, that You are a Poet?


    It takes you away

    Into a magical place

    Your bookstore awaits


       Drifting in darkness

    Big spheres floating everywhere

    I am lost in space...





    Keegan    Caris  

    Abby       Chris              Alligator                 dom          




    Below, Haiku responses to Crow Boy, by Taro Yashima

    X haiku






     Logan    camille  


    Cinquain (sin-kane) a five line poem


    Luciana           Jackson

    Edward         Cara

    Ellie      Brielle

    Jenna       Saskia

    Tiger lily                 Denny







    IF she can see it...THEN she can be it     

    visit "#IfThenSheCan — The Exhibit."

    A salute to 120 living women scientists in glorious 3-D



    March 1 - Mardi Gras Shout out to New Orleans and author Jewell Parker Rhodes



      March 8 - MYSTERY suggestions



                        Check out the Calendar of A Daily Dose of Books


    Books are adventures







    visit the National Museum of the American Indian for resources that are 

      authoritative and of quality








       Amanda Gorman's Inaugural Poem, "The Hill We Climb"

                presented by Mrs. Easterlin's fifth grade, after discussion, study, preparation

     June 2021 Challenge: Respond to the e.e. cummings poem, Love is a Place

    with your exclamation of what we say "YES" to!

               First  Listen to Love is a Place #1 and Then Listen to a slightly differently reading. Next watch this demo on how to use the tools in Google Drawings to create a "button" you would wear proclaiming the world of YES. Your Google Drawing "canvas" to create your button is in your Library Google Classroom. What do you say YES to?


           AP          Spirit             stars  


                                                                   Click here to view video 



               SebYes      edyes    Stellayes  


                   ColeYes       RubyDragons     WillowYes                              



            Blake          H               Z

        IP             W           Ella


       APlace         Saskia       SM






          T       BLily                                                         


       L   R     J


              MA              Zoe            Ava


       G          S              ALyes

             Jimin            MG        EllieYes


             AM                 JY                Isb

       DC   ZG          WP


    MS        NS     em


       Cam              E               rs  



       Sb       SylF    




               May                Love             ImptBk  




    We continue to promote a Library collection that reflects the world we live in.

    Following the premise of the February 28 title featured in our Book of the Day series,

    we carry on into March with "Say Their Names", acknowledging the inventive and

    persevering energy that motivates the independent spirit of doing good and doing right, that often goes unnoticed.

    Say Their Names - Flipgrid videos - more Flipgrid videos

    Email Ms. Lis-Simmons if you need an access code


    Students the age of our Lenape students learn Community and Kindness, Respect and Responsibility, through the environments we create and the interactions we encourage. The language we use requires appropriate use in context. Our school Library has a collection, and continues to grow it, that fosters Community through the Mirrors and Windows idea that allows students to see themselves and build identity, as well as provide access to other experiences that may seem unfamiliar, and yet are relatable. Compassion and Empathy grow from the place of the Golden Rule - treat others as you want to be treated.

      Since 1976, February has been designated Black History Month at the federal level.  This grew out of what was a week-long recognition begun in 1926 by Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History.  

      Black History is American History.  The Civil Rights decade of the 1960s connects in spirit and form to the foundation of liberty fought for and forged in 1776.  

      Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of our “inescapable network of mutuality.” **  Walt Whitman wrote that “every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.”

      How do we rise to the challenge to make this relevant in the lives of students in 2022?

         ** the sharing of a feeling, action, or relationship between two or more parties.






          Highlighting Hispanic Heritage

    from the Lenape Library collection






        name   Listen to Alma                 ElSalvador   See some pages & listen!                                                                                  



    Listen to the BookTalk     












    Kelly Stays Home: The Science of Coronavirus by Lauren Block MD MPH and Adam E. Block PhD illustrated by Alex Brissenden 

    Younger version, less text, same message Kelly Stays Home: The Science of Coronavirus     

    Below we are sharing the February Black History Month calendar created by Mrs. Easterlin's 5th grade.

    After researching with several electronic and print resources, students took key facts and dates and used WordArt.com to compose appropriate calendar pages.


    Play the author name game.  See if you are pronouncing names the way they should be pronounced!



    There are 100 questions on the Citizenship Test to become

    a citizen of the United States.  Here are 10 of those questions. Take a look and see how many you have an idea about.


    Take a look at some of the Civics related e-books available to you online from our Library

    civics1   civics2   civics3


    NEW! Social and Emotional Learning - 25 e-books, Rosen Publishing 

    access provided by Ulster BOCES


    Talking about Biographies - our collection represents people who are still living and doing remarkable things! 

    Example: Neil DeGrasse Tyson Tyson


    Making a choice to raise one's voice takes courage.

    Example:  Ogilvy  Ogilvy




    April is...

    • the Earth waking up to a fresh season
    • Poetry, by heart and out loud
    • mucking around in a garden seeing the work of earthworms up close
    • more daylight


    Last school year (2017-2018) we celebrated the Library as a MakerSpace.

    We Made Sentences

    We wrote and submitted comments in the OPALS catalog for other students to consider as recommendations.

    We Made Connections

    We made  interactive/digital "library boxes"  highlighting key words and subjects, and illustrated our writing with self-created images in the Paint program.

    We Made Meaning

    We made progress exploring Code while we learned to recognize patterns and accept challenges.

    We Made Pathways into the World, and

    Made things happen with our Hands, Head, and Heart

    Dream Box created in response to a Biography, and a video interview with the creator!

    Several videos of 5th grade students who finished Code Course C, as they "mucked around" with Lil'Bits electronics to see what they could create using Code in action.

    Two students' stories published in an anthology about space travel and aliens.

    Audio recordings of poetry and Haiku inspired by Japanese lanterns.

    Teeny, tiny, origami.

    Tangrams, tangrams, tangrams from animals to the Statue of Liberty!

    We Helped Write the Book on Lenape's 2017-18 School Year!




    by E




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