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    Library Media Center

    Ms. MaryAnn Lis-Simmons, Library Media Teacher, 845-256-4330

    Mrs. Janice Pallus, Library Clerk, 845-256-4331


    Students the age of our Lenape students learn Community and Kindness, Respect and Responsibility, through the environments we create and the interactions we encourage. The language we use requires appropriate use in context. Our school Library has a collection, and continues to grow it, that fosters Community through the Mirrors and Windows idea that allows students to see themselves and build identity, as well as provide access to other experiences that may seem unfamiliar, and yet are relatable, and also contribute to nurturing a child's sense of self in the world.  Compassion and Empathy grow from the place of the Golden Rule - 

    treat others as you want to be treated.


    Celebrating Poetry all year 'round, highlighting it in April


    Oppenhimer / Bulson

    Students responded to the e.e. cummings poem, "sweet spring..." and proclaimed what they say YES to!
Last Modified on May 25, 2023