• Technical Drawing:
    Pictorial Drawing Styles
                a sketch that shows an objects height, width, and depth in a single view
    Oblique - a form of pictorial drawings where a sketch begins with a flat   
                        orthographic front with depth lines receding at a 45 degree angle
                           Oblique Sketch
    Isometric- a form of pictorial drawing where all three drawing axis form three
                          equal angles (120 degrees)
                              Isometric Angles
                                                        Isometric Sketch
                           Drawing an Isometric Shape
    Perspective - a form of pictorial drawings in which vanishing points are used to  
                                 provide the depth and distortion that the human eye sees
         1 point - uses a horizon line and one vanishing point
                        1 pt. perspective
         2 point - uses a horizon line and two vanishing points
                        2 pt. perspective
    Orthographic Projection - a method of representing a 3-D object on a
                                                         plane showing only two of the three dimensions
                                                         usually the top, front, and right side.  These views
                                                         are in alignment with each other.
       The top view shows the width and depth.
       The front view shows the width and height.
       The right side view shows the depth and height.  
    Orhtographic Projection    Height, Width, Depth
    Multi-View Drawings- a combination of the othographic projections of an object   
                                                along with the Isometric view of the same object arranged   
                                                specifically on a Title Block as seen below.
                                           Multi-View Drawing



    Line Types
             different types of lines used in a technical drawing


    Object Line -
                      Lines are thick and dark and used to define the object
    Dimension Lines -
                   Lines used to show the measurements of an object.            
                      Usually pulled away from the object by an extension line.
                      A dimension appears in a break in the center of the line with
                      small arrows at the ends point toward the extension lines.


    Extension Lines-
                          The lines which extend from the object itself and border the dimension
                          lines. These lines DO NOT touch the actual object but are palced 1/16th
                          of an inch from the object.


    Hidden Lines-
                          Lines used to show interior detail that would not be seen from the
                          outside of the part and are depicted by a dotted line.


    Line weight-
                          The variation of the lightness or darkness or the thickness of a line type. 
                          Different lines weights are used for different line types.
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