• The Elements and Principles of Design
            Elements of Design:
                            the parts of an image or composition 
    • Line- a continuous mark or dot.  There are many types of lines ( thick, thin, zig-zag,curved, squiggled.etc.)
    • Texture - percieved surface or real surface of something, how something feels
    • Space - foreground, middle ground, background or positive /negative
    • Shape - 2D
    • Form - 3D
    • Color - referring to the reflection of light, has three qualities: hue, value, intensity
    • Value - the range of light and dark of a color    
          Principles of Design:
                         guidelines for organizing elements
    • Unity/Harmony - all the parts are working together to achieve a common result
    • Contrast - of different or opposite qualities
    • Repetition - the use of an element more than once
    • Balance - concept of visual equilibrium
    •         Symmetrical
    •         Assymetrical
    • Movement - direction and gestures of shapes or lines
    • Empahasis - referred to a point of focus, part on composition that most strongly draws the viewers attention
    • Proportion - refers to the various size and scale relationship between objects
Last Modified on September 7, 2022