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    What is a die cut box?
               a process used in manufacturing where material is cut or punched out with
                  a die (or a shape).  This piece opf material can be a developable surface
                  like a folding box
                                                  Die Cut
    Developable Surface-
                            a 3-d surface that can be unrolled or unfolded into a flat sheet without
                            distortion. (or a 2-d that can be rolled or folded into a 3-d)
    Die Cut  Die Cut
    Fold line (bend line)-
                     a dashed line that indicates a fold (sometimes requires scoring)
    Cut Line-
                     a solid line indicating a cut all the way through the material
                     to cut halfway through a material in order to fold it along a fold/bend  line
                    a manufacturing process where material is punctured for easy 'tearing off'
                      of material.
    Motif  -   a dominant theme or central idea.  A repeated figure or design,
                    architecture or decoration.

    Die Cut Pattern
            the drawing of the cut and fold lines of the die cut box
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