IED Course Requirements
    Homework   10%

     ALL homework assignments will be collected or checked off at the beginning of class on the date it is due.  


    Engineer Notebook/Portfolio   15%

    You will need to keep an engineering notebook with all preliminary design development, sketches,
               research, and and all team work activity throughout the course. Keep this work neat and organized
               and must be written in black ink.
    All students MUST keep a portfolio. This is required by PLTW
               to receive college credit.
               This portfolio is a showcase of your work, learning process, capabilities, and best efforts. It should contain 
               documentation of your original ideas, sketches, projects, accomplishments, best works, and materials
               to support your work. Your portfolio should reflect your works and successes. It is displayed in a neat, orderly,
               and professional manner. This will be the final section of your 1” binder. 
               Your portfolio will becollected every semester for review and grading.


    Quizzes/ Reports/ Presentations   30%

    There are quizzes, reports, and presentations periodicallythroughout the unit assessing student understanding of the information.


    Projects/ Tests    45%

    Projects and Unit tests will be completed throughout all the unitsand are designed to assess student understanding and application ofinformation. Projects may be completed individually or at times in groups. Allgroup members must actively participate in the activity. All work must becompleted on time since most activities will be worked on in class. Use yourtime efficiently and effectively. Late projects will result in a 10% penalty per clsss day.


    Supplies Needed


    1/2 -1 inch  Binder or expandable folder for Portfolio
    1-Folder for Handouts
    1- Marble notebook ( please pick up soon while they are 50 cents)
    Clear top loading sheet protectors (optional)
    #2 pencil or Mechanical Pencil
    Pen (Black Ink)
    Flash Drive (optional) 


    Extra Help


    Please take advantage ofthe extra time so that you do not fall behind.

    Availability is posted on the white board in the front of the class weekly.
    Need Help? Just Ask! If the times that I have scheduled do not work

    please schedule an alternate time.












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