• Solar Powered ATV


    Our middle school Technology program has begun a ambitious adventure.  We through donation, have aquired a ATV.  With the help of SUNY New Paltz and Mike Otis we have begun construction of a solar powered ATV. 
       Step 1 - Our first step was to strip the vehicle of all its components.  A group of students removed the engine, gearbox, exhaust, fuel tank, and other various components.
       Step 2 - Design - In this step students are designing vaious components for the bike.  Solar Panel Mounts, Battery boxes, and Electric motor mounts are being designed using AutoDesk Inventor.
       Step 3 - Fabrication - Once the designs are completed the fabrication begins.  Through a donation from New Paltz Community Foundation we have secured metal fabricating equipment.  Students will cut, grind, and weld angle iron to build the necessary components.
       Step 4 - Electrical - With the help of Mike Otis and the SUNY New Paltz Engineering Department we will then add the major electrical components.  SUNY has donated the solar panels, electric motor, batteries, and wiring for our bike.  They will also help in putting these parts together.
       Step 5 - Testing - The fun part.  Once the bike is completed we will begin testing.  We will look for the bikes speed, endurance, and charging capabilities.  All information will be used to enhance the bikes preformance in the future
    Stay tuned for updates and pictures as they become available.

Last Modified on March 2, 2012