• 3-D Design and Animation

    3-D Design and Animation is a Semester course utilizing various forms of 3d design software.
    3-D Design and Animation allows for student exploration of 3-D imaging and animation
    through a variety of 3D design problems. 
    This course will include student participation in
    designing using a design process, processes of 3d fabrication (printing), 3d rendering
    and graphics, and 3d animation/video. Students will work collaboratively sharing ideas and
    constructive criticisms through classroom discussions. 
    Topics for Learning include: 
    Product Design
    Fashion Design
    3D Graphics 
    3D Animation w/ Bongo 
    Primary Software includes: Inventor/ Rhino 3d / Bongo 3d
    Supplemental Software includes:  TinkerCad/123D Design, Photoshop, Illustrator
Last Modified on June 2, 2021