DDD - Digital Design and Drawing 



    DDDP is a one-year course, students will actively utilize creative problem solving skills in Graphic Design,
    Industrial Design, Architecture and Engineering. Students will use a variety of design software
    and materials to create original work. Digital Design and Drawing for Production also focuses
    on 21st century learning skills such as creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration,
    research and information fluency, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and digital
    and technological operations and concepts.



    • Develop problem solving, critical thinking and visual communication skills through individual
      or collaborative design challenges.
    • Develop skills in sketching, mechanical drawing, computer aided drafting and rendering.
    • Solve 2-D and 3-D design problems while developing a design skill set using traditional materials
      and computer aided design programs.
    • Develop an appreciation and understanding of design theory, process and history.
    • Identify personal areas of interest and talent for related career and educational pursuits.



    Unit 1: Graphic Design
    The Elements and Principles of Design
                   Intro to Photoshop
                   Building Designs through the use of the Elements and Principles of Design
                   Composition and Layout
                   Exploring Line, Shape and Form
                   Exploring Value
                   Exploring Color: Color Theory
                   Exploring Text

    Unit 2: Learning 3-D Modeling

                   The Design Process
                   Pictorial Representation
                   Intro to Fusion 360
                   Design Project 1
                           Die Cut Pattern
                   Design Project 2
                          3-D Printing

    Unit 2: Architectural Design
                    Creating a Floor Plan/ Best Practices
                    Floor Plan Symbols
                    Intro to Revit
                    3-D Modeling of Structure Design
                    Landscape Design

    Unit 4:  Putting it all together

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