• Math Facts Practice


    123 Match
    In this primary game students must match the number with the correct number of pictures.

    Number Time-
    Short number related cartoons on adding and subtracting tips.

    Snakes and Ladders 
    (1or 2 players) Students roll die and count the number of spaces on the number line.

    Number Train
    Students build a train while counting. 

    Count Your Chickens
    In this primary game students must count the pictures and click on the correct number.

    Test the Toad
    Help the toad hop up and down the number line. 
    (#'s 1-15)

    Lady Bug Math

    Lady Bug Math
    (Subitizing like activity)

    Lady Bug Math  
    add & subtract

    Bus Driver Counting
    In this primary game students must load the bus with the correct number of students.

    Bowling Alley Subtraction
    In this primary game students must subtract numbers less then 10 to knock down the pins.

    Math Flashcards 
    Use these flashcards to practice various math skills even make your own.

    Spacey Math
    Students must login and fight the space invaders by answering addition or subtraction problems.

    Dart Board Math

    Math Adding Two Player Game
    Students can compete against a friend in this adding game. 

    Batter Up Baseball (Addition)
    Get your paper and pencil ready as students add small numbers to hit a single and larger numbers to hit a homerun.

Last Modified on June 21, 2019