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    Algebra and Geometry:  Don't leave home without them!
    Poughkeepsie Journal December, 2006

    Of all courses offered during high school, none prepares you better for college than algebra and geometry.

    Why? Because these and other challenging math courses give you the skills you need to succeed in many of the advanced courses that colleges want their students to take. Plus, they help you succeed on college entrance exams and in your college classes. And they provide a strong foundation on which you can build your career. Students are often prevented from pursuing certain career options because they did not take the appropriate math classes.

     Why Study Geometry?

    Although you will, most likely, never write a geometric proof in your adult life, you will use the skills you develop while studying Geometry in whatever career you choose.

     A. Hoffer, in his article, “Geometry is More Than Proof”, published in Mathematics Teacher in 1981, proposed a set of five categories of basic skills that are studied in Geometry and relevant outside high school:

    (1) visual skills - recognition, observation of properties, interpreting maps, imaging, recognition from different angles, etc.;

    (2) verbal skills - correct use of terminology and accurate communication in describing spatial concepts and relationships;

    (3) drawing skills- communicating through drawing, ability to represent geometric shapes in 2-d and 3-d, to make scale diagrams, sketch isometric figures, etc.;

    (4) logical skills - classification, recognition of essential properties as criteria, discerning patterns, formulating and testing hypothesis, making inferences, using counter-examples, etc.






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