Course Evaluation Form

(print a copy of this and fill it out)


Teacher_____________________                                   Class________________________


Please comment in the space provided.  Your responses are useful in helping your teacher improve the way in which the class is taught.


1.  This class was  (about right)   in terms of difficulty.


                                 (too hard)


                                  (too easy)


2.  There was (too much)  homework.


                        (too little)


                        (about the right amount)


3. Is this a required course?  If it were not a required class, would you recommend it to other students?



4.  My favorite part of this class was...




5.  My least favorite part of this class was...




6.  As a teacher, you should continue to...




7.  As a teacher, you should get better at..




8.  What, if anything, did you learn that will be useful to you in the future?After you have completed this form, give it to the main office to put in your teacher's mailbox.


Please feel free to use the space below and the back of this sheet for any additional commentary you would like to provide.