Opening your files on our Terminal Server

This method allows you to access and work on your school files from anywhere outside the district network system with an Internet connection.  Many of the programs we use at school are available for your use, but NOT ALL.  With the exception of PhotoShop, programs used by graphics/technology classes ARE NOT AVAILABLE at this time.  Any changes you make on files will be saved on your school account on our school server.  You may print the file at home but it will not save the file to your home computer.  The speed in which you can work will depend on your Internet connection. 


1.       You will first need to download and install a small program onto your computer.

(If you are using Windows XP, you may already have this program installed.  To check, skip to step 2)


Type in the following URL to download the program:    


You should see this DOWNLOAD box on the right side

of the web page.



Click on the filename (msrdpcli.exe) to download the program.


Click on �Open� to have the program install automatically.





2.       To access the program you just installed click on:

Start/programs/accessories/communications/remote desktop connection








3.       Click on �Remote Desktop Connection� to get the connection box. 

Type in:

Click on �connect�

You�ll be prompted to log in.




4.       To access programs, click on Start/Programs.

To access your files, click on my computer