Minutes Special Meeting Board of Education New Paltz Central High School January 30, 2008 7:00 PM


CALL MEETING TO ORDER                                                                                                                                 CALL TO ORDER

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Roderick Dressel Jr. Board President.


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:                                                                                                                              QUORUM CHECK

                                                                Roderick Dressel Jr.

David Dukler

Don Kerr

Patrick Rausch

                                                                Edgar Rodriguez

                                                                Michael Swigart



ABSENT:                                               Laura Walls


ALSO PRESENT:                 Maria Rice, Superintendent of Schools

                                                                Richard Linden, Assistant Superintendent

                                                                Maureen Ryan, Supervisor of Transportation

                                                                Michael Robinson, Director of Food Services

                                                                Mike LaBrosse, Student Representative

                                                                Members of the Public and Press




The roll was called as reflected above.


Motion made by David Dukler and seconded by Don Kerr that the Board of

Education move into Executive Session to discuss the employment history of a particular

individual and to discuss future contractual matters.


Motion carried 6 0 with 6 members voting.


Motion made by Don Kerr and seconded by Edgar Rodriguez that the Board of

Education return to Public Session at 7:10 PM.


Motion carried 6 0 with 6 members voting.




President Dressel led in the pledge to the flag.


Mr. Dressel proposed that the Board allow Superintendent Rice to answer the eleven questions that were posed at the last meeting.  This is a change to the original agenda.


Motion made by Don Kerr and seconded by David Dukler that the Board of Education accept the agenda as amended.


Motion carried 6 0 with 6 members voting.


Using a PowerPoint presentation, Superintendent Rice began by referencing the Five Year Plan which listed various projects that need to be done.  She then went on to itemize the accomplishments that have taken place through the Facilities & Operations budget.  She noted that in addition to these accomplishments, various EXCEL projects were completed.




PUBLIC COMMENTS                                                                                                                                                       PUBLIC


Mark Shodum

Judy Mage

Michael Zeiler

Chris Wynant

Chuck Brier

Rachel Busher, NPUT President

Bill Mulcahey

Terry Dungan

Tanya Marquette, Gardiner

Katie Tober Plesser

Jennifer Zaborowski

Augusta Yearwood

Ralph Sciardato

Aletta Vett

Steve Greenfield

Curt Colopy

Thomas Olsen

Theresa Falk, Global Warming Taskforce

Nancy DeNicolo

Jason West

Ron Simon

Terence Ward

Ray Hasbrouck

Daniel Bryan

Andrea Russo

Jonathan Wright

Rachel Lagodka

Aletta Vett


Following Public Comment, members of the Board of Education shared their thoughts, opinions and questions regarding the direction that the district should go regarding the renovation/disposition of the middle school or building a new middle school.


Motion made by Don Kerr and seconded by David Dukler that the Board of Education should devote sufficient resources to the investigation of the renovation of the New Paltz Middle School at the current site using green construction methods.  Concurrently the district will devote cost effective resources for the development of a comprehensive facilities plan in sufficient time to incorporate results into current capital project planning.


Motion carried 6 0 with 6 members voting.


ADJOURN                                                                                                                                                                            ADJOURN


Motion made by Michael Swigart and seconded by David Dukler that the Board of

Education adjourn at 11:15 PM.


Motion carried 6 - 0 with 6 members voting.


Respectfully submitted,



Beverly J. Sickler

District Clerk