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     Hello Everyone!  

    Hope you are all doing well.  Remote learning begins 3/30 and this will be a challenge, but we got this!  

    For now, my Englsh 9 class information/lessons will be posted as the have been all year under Special Class English.  We are still in the 3rd semester and I will post there.  Most of you have your Roll of Thunder packet that I handed out on our last day.  If you were out, it is on my website.  I plan on doing some video lessons so we can have a discussion, but I have to figure out how to do that.  Your first assignment is to reread chapter 6--that's the chapter where Uncle Hammer has a bit of a showdown on the bridge with his fancy car. Check my webpage for upcomng assignments.  For written work, use googledoc.  Please email me with any questions.  I will be checking my email regularly.

    For my Resource people, I will be emailing you all 2x per week to check in.  I may change this format, but this is how we'll start.  Please check your teachers' webpages for assignments.  Email me with any questions.  We can also arrange for a time to talk.

    Miss you all--wash your hands, social distance and be well.

    Mrs. Bergstein

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