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    Welcome to Mrs. Sutton's Website!

    3/27/20: Remote learning begins on Monday 3/30. I'm looking forward to helping you to develop a routine, continue your learning, and connect with your educators. For now, I've chosen to  continue using the calendars and handouts links on my website for each of my classes. Please use Google docs for assignments, and email me any time with questions, comments, and/or suggestions. I'll check my email at least twice a day to provide feedback to my students. We can do this! Let's go, New Paltz!

    Department: High School English
    Advisor: Junior Class Advisor (I have a link to junior class information on this website. I will update the site with information on fundraisers, homecoming, and the prom. Stay tuned!)
    Contact Information:
    Email Address:  lsutton@newpaltz.k12.ny.us
    Voice Mail: 845-256-4000 ext. 69548
    Availability:  Room 164 or 243 during preps, daily from 2:20 - 2:45, and by appointment

    In 2019-20, my schedule is as follows:
    Please see links to classes, and within those classes, you will find calendars and handouts. 
Last Modified on March 27, 2020