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    French 2  


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    Students will practice listening, speaking, reading and writing in French to become proficient in various topics of conversation according to the New York State Syllabus.



    Prep Tasks

    • Preparation within each 5-day cycle for Comprehension & Skills Checks and “Day 5” Quizzes
    • Use my website!!!!!!

    Skills Checks

    - Listening & Reading Comprehension

    - Verbal Communication

    - Written Language

    • Students are expected to participate in all activities and speak in French only
    • Listening/Speaking/Reading/Writing Assessments based on prep tasks and weekly lessons


    • Quiz every “Day 5” – show what you know!
    • Prep Tasks from Days 1-4 serve to “ensure” preparation for quizzes. Completed tasks can be used as “insurance” for up to 5 points per quiz. (Maximum quiz grade 100%)

    Tests & Projects

    • Tests will be cumulative
    • Projects as assigned




    1. Show respect for myself.

    2. Show respect for my teacher.

    3. Show respect for my classmates.

    4. Show respect for the French language.

    5. Show respect for the many French cultures.

    6. Show respect for the classroom environment.

    7. Show respect for the classroom materials.



    MATERIALS to be brought to class daily:

    All handouts, notes, classwork, homework,etc. are to be kept in a 1½’’ - 2’’ 

    BINDER that is used
    for French Class ONLY

    Pen or pencil

    Assignment book(provided by school)

    Composition Notebook  – to be left in Classroom for Journaling



    Enteringthe classroom: 

    1. Please do not enter the room unless I am in it.
    2. Line up along the wall inthe hallway until I get to the room.
    3. Please wait quietlyand out of the way of passing halltraffic.
    4. Once I am in the room, quietlyenter the classroom, take any handouts from the table and sit in yourassigned seat.
    5. Copy les devoirs” (PREP TASK) into your assignmentbook.
    6. Start the DO NOW.  This is a silent preparation time.
    7. Start thinking en français   : ) .

    If you are late to class: 

    1. Enter the classroom silently,
    2. Sign in on the “sign in sheet” on thetable to the right of the door,
    3. Bring me your signed pass,
    4. Take your seat silently,
    5. Copy “les devoirs” (PREPTASK) into your assignment book,
    6. Join the class activity “already inprogress”.

    What to bring to class:  Always have the following items with you in class: 

    1. French-only Binder -  just for French (with paper),
    2. Pen or Pencil,
    3. Assignment Book.

    “French-Only” Time:  Speak in French only.  Ifyou don’t understand something that was said in French, you are allowed andencouraged to raise your hand and say, “Je ne comprends pas.  I will give you a list of “survival phrases”to use in class. Your participation in French counts toward your grade – havefun with it! :) 

    Responding to my request for attention:  When theclass has gone into an activity, you will know it is time to stop working and talking,look at me and await further instruction when you hear me say, “Classe!”and clap twice.  The class will respondwith “Oui Oui!.

    Class dismissal:  At the end ofthe period I will let you know when to clean up and to gather yourbelongings.  Remain seated until I givethe signal to leave (“Au revoir, classe!” / “Aurevoir,  Madame!”).  Leave the room in a quiet, orderly fashion.

    If you are absent: Make-up prep tasks are expected as soon as possible when you return to school –they are posted on my website –please check when you are absent. In order to be prepared for skills checks andquizzes, you need to keep up with your prep tasks on a regular basis. They willbe collected along with the quiz on “Day 5”. Incomplete work must be made up insteadof participation in game time or movie time in class or after school. You willfind assignments on my school website. NPCSD / Middle School / Teachers / O’Malley

    Make-up skills check, quizzes, and tests must be madeup with me after school within 4 days of when you return to school (before thenext quiz).  Sign up on the make-up list to arrange time after school!



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