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    It's September 2019!

    Looking forward to hearing about some of the books students have read this summer.  Bring at least one of those books to school. 

    We'll use it for some discussion.



    Theme for Summer Reading at your New York State public libraries, AND

    check out the Reading Activities and Incentives from SORA (reading app found on this webpage) and Barnes and Noble



    SORA SORA says "Chill Out and Read!"  Check out the Summer suggestions that can be read OR listened to on-line with any internet connected device. Here is a chart you might want to use to keep track of your completed titles.

    ALSO - Barnes and Noble is offering an opportunity for students to earn a free book in August.  Click here for the 2 pages that explain their offer and the chart to use to keep track of your completed reads.




    Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
    Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
    Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
    And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.

    excerpt from William Shakespeare's Sonnet 18



    April is...

    • the Earth waking up to a fresh season
    • Poetry, by heart and out loud
    • mucking around in a garden seeing the work of earthworms up close
    • more daylight





    February is the shortest month, day-wise, even when there's a leap year giving it an extra day.  February is packed with celebrations that are momentary - Ground Hog Day on the 2nd only for the "see his shadow or not";  singular - Valentine's Day on the 14th.  Chinese New Year, this year, begins on the 5th, and goes on for 15 days.

    Since 1976 February has been designated Black History Month at the federal level.  This grew out of what was a week-long recognition begun in 1926 by Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History.  

    Black History is American History.  The Civil Rights decade of the 1960s connects in spirit and form to the foundation of liberty fought for and forged in 1776.  

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of our “inescapable network of mutuality**.”  Walt Whitman wrote that “every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.”

    How do we rise to the challenge to make this relevant in the lives of students in 2019?

      ** the sharing of a feeling, action, or relationship between two or more parties.



    SORA SORA (Student Online Reading App) is brought to us through Ulster BOCES and we connect to it using our school usernames and passwords.  Check it out by clicking on the following link to read and or listen to books online.  If you are using a mobile device you will be asked to download the SORA app.
    See Ms. Lis-Simmons with any questions.



    Last school year we celebrated the Library as a MakerSpace.

    We Made Sentences

    We wrote and submitted comments in the OPALS catalog for other students to consider as recommendations.

    We Made Connections

    We made  interactive/digital "library boxes"  highlighting key words and subjects, and illustrated our writing with self-created images in the Paint program.

    We Made Meaning

    We made progress exploring Code while we learned to recognize patterns and accept challenges.

    We Made Pathways into the World, and

    Made things happen with our Hands, Head, and Heart

    Dream Box created in response to a Biography, and a video interview with the creator!

    Several videos of 5th grade students who finished Code Course C, as they "mucked around" with Lil'Bits electronics to see what they could create using Code in action.

    Two students' stories published in an anthology about space travel and aliens.

    Audio recordings of poetry and Haiku inspired by Japanese lanterns.

    Teeny, tiny, origami.

    Tangrams, tangrams, tangrams from animals to the Statue of Liberty!

    We Helped Write the Book on Lenape's 2017-18 School Year!

    More to come in 2018 - 19!





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