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2022-2023 COVID-19 PROTOCOLS




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COVID-19 Positive Test Results

Five days of isolation are required for those individuals who have received a COVID-19 positive test result. Day 0 would correlate with either the day of the positive test, or the day symptoms began. Upon reporting the result to the appropriate school building nurse, individuals may return to school on day six if 1) symptoms have markedly improved and 2) fever has been non-existent for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication.


A mask should be worn on school property and school buses for an additional five days.


COVID-19 Positive Exposure

Individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19 do not have to quarantine if they are

asymptomatic. These individuals should test after five days and wear a mask for ten days. Should an exposed individual become symptomatic after exposure, testing should be done Immediately.


Individuals Who Experience Symptoms

Symptoms of COVID-19 are often respiratory and/or gastrointestinal, e.g., cough, fever, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea. Individuals exhibiting any or all of these symptoms should remain at home and take a rapid (antigen) test. As rapid tests may initially deliver a false negative result, itis important to remain at home if symptomatic, and wear a mask and retest after 48 hours. It is recommended that you check for updated information here regarding home test expiration dates, as they have been extended.


Individuals who become symptomatic while in school will be sent home. A negative test or a medical note indicating an alternate diagnosis are required to allow an individual to return to School.


Reporting COVID-19 Positive Results

Parents and staff should contact their school building nurse via email or telephone to report positive COVID-19 results.


Duzine - Nurse Joy VanVlack; ; 845-256-4360


Lenape - Nurse Maria Meoli; ; 845-256-4310


NPMS - Nurse Erin Bush; ; 845-256-4210


NPHS - Nurse Sandy Hekking; ; 845-256-4110 


Facilities & Operations, District Office, Transportation; Nurse Matthew Smith

(floating nurse);  


The nurses will provide relevant information, including the dates for the end of isolation and return to school.


Parents will be notified in the event of a case cluster or high-risk situations. Contact tracing is no longer required.


COVID-19-Related Absences

Student absences due to a positive COVID-19 result will be recorded as sick days. When able, students should use available technology and other means to continue to connect with their teachers and keep pace with instruction. 



Universal masking while indoors is no longer required.  We encourage those whose health concerns render them as high risk for COVID-19 to wear well-fitting masks regularly when indoors, with the exception of during meals. All students and staff who wish to continue masking are encouraged to do so.  Well-fitted masks are recommended as follows:


  • In school health offices

  • After exposure to COVID-19 for 10 full days when indoors, regardless of vaccination

  • status or history of prior COVID-19 infection

  • During community high COVID-19 levels

  • When individuals develop symptoms while in school

  • During a COVID-19 outbreak in a school building.


Testing for COVID-19

Test to Stay protocols are discontinued.  Upon request, individuals will be provided with at-home tests kits from school building health offices.


COVID-19 Vaccination

The CDC recommends vaccinations and boosters as highly effective in mitigating COVID-19 symptoms. As such, we encourage all eligible individuals to have the COVID-19 vaccination and boosters when eligible to do so.


Classroom Cleaning and Ventilation

Our Facilities & Operations and Transportation Departments will continue to utilize protocols for regular cleaning to maintain safe spaces. Hand sanitizer stations are available through all of the buildings. Handwashing and other proper hygienic practices are encouraged throughout the school district to prevent the spread of the virus. Ventilation systems across the school district have been updated to provide and maintain appropriate and safe air circulation. 



What about social distancing — in the classrooms,  at lunch, elsewhere?

Social distancing expectations were relaxed this past spring. 


Will parents be allowed back in schools for class parties, art shows, concerts, et. al?

Yes. Additionally, Duzine will resume its tradition of allowing parent volunteers

to assist with kindergarten classes during the first two weeks of school. During elementary drop off and because of more general safety concerns,  

elementary parents will not be able to walk their children to the classroom door. 


Will field trips resume?



Will children be allowed to take buses to friends’ houses for playdates or occasional


Yes, with appropriate advance notice to the school.