Posted by Alexis Mallory on 4/28/2016

As promised you are having a quiz today on Section, Auxiliary and Detail Views, Dimensioning, Standards
and constraints.  With constraints- this brings in Degrees of Freedom since when you apply constraints in the

assembly, you are taking away degrees of Freedom.


Once you have completed your quiz, please turn it in and then you can work on your re-design of your T-9 Automoblox.

See requirements below:

Redesign 1 or more components on the T-9 Automoblox. You must make at least 3 significant changes
to make a new improved t-9 automoblox- add some type of load in the bed, add another piece to make it a limo

1. Think about support- do you need another set of wheels

2. Make certain you add connectors where needed

3. Re-Create your title blocks for the new components

4.  Do not write over your original T-9 automoblox file- Save it another time with a different name.