Posted by Alexis Mallory on 5/23/2016

Do Now:  Review Decision Making Matrix





1.  take Quiz on Review Sheet 1 and 2

2.  Pass out Review sheet 3 and 5

Review Sheet 3

Review Sheet 5

3. Work on any past due work and final project


Don't Forget- Unit 9.1 on the LMS for the PPT
Procedure- PPT is Due Wednesday May 25

1. Investigate the lifecycle of this product as discussed in the Global and Human Impacts PowerPointÒ presentation.

2. Create a timeline of your product using PowerPointÒWhat would your product be made of- what materials?

a. The timeline should discuss the five steps of the product lifecycle.

b. Investigate how this material can be recycled and reused after it has outlived its usefulness.

c. Include at least three different cited sources using APA style on the final slide in the presentation.

3. Save Power Point in the Lifecycle folder with your name in the file name.



1. What is meant by product lifecycle?

2. Why is it important for companies who make products to research and determine a product’s potential lifecycle?

3. What would you change about your product? Why?

4. Do you think your product will evolve or become obsolete over time? Why?

5. What is a trade-off?

6. Do you think that trade-offs were made during the design phase of your product?

7. Why is it important to recycle?

8. How do product designers play a role in recycling?

9. What role does society play in the recycling effort?

10. What can you do to help?