Section Nordic Announcement

Posted 11/25/20  12:20 pm


Hi Everyone

Following today's Section 9 Meeting the Orange County league will not begin winter sports until January 19th due to COVID recommendations by CDC in their areas. MHAL (our league) will plan for a start date of January 4th-but this may get extended again based on COVID concerns and recommendations in our regions. As we all know by now this is an ever changing situation.
I would hold off on renting the skis. If it looks to be a snowy December and you want to get skis and go try it out that would be great. If you are a total beginner I would get skis with fish scales on the bottom (waxless). These are easier to try on your own. If you are a returning skier rent whatever you want. It may end up being a Skate year instead of a classic year. The reason for this is to prevent the passing around of corks and waxes.
If you are a member of Preserve-you can get on the trails and try out skiing. You usually start from Spring Farm. If you aren't a member there would be a daily cost. Minnewaska also has a daily rate. I assume some of the skiers may be out there and maybe they will put out an email when they go.
As coaches we can't organize anything until the season officially starts.
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions

Coach Ann