Posted by Alexis Mallory on 11/14/2019

Do Now:  
Using the Residential Foundations PPt from the PPT folder, answer the following.

Open a word document, copy and paste the questions and when saving call it 11-14 Do NOw Residential Foundations
1.  What is the Purpose of a Foundation?

2. What design considerations must be taken?

3. What loads from the structure must be considered?

4. What is allowable soil bearing pressure?

5. What is the frost depth for New Paltz, NY?

6. What does a shallow foundation do?

7. Describe a Spread Footing.

8. Describe Continuous Strip Footing.

9. Describe a slab on grade and thickened slab foundation.

10. What type of foundation are we using on our H4H house?  Why?


Create perimeter of your home 30' x 40'

We will make our foundation in Revit.

Continue working on your design.