Posted by Alexis Mallory on 11/20/2019

Do Now:  Heat Loss Review- How much do you remember from last class
                            Complete 1 and 2  11-20 Heat Loss Do Now/ Activiity
                            Give this problem a try. Heat Loss Practice


Sketch your North wall and Calculate Heat loss throught the NORTH wall of your Habitat 4 Humanity House
Use the Temperature of 19 degrees for the low and 68 degrees for the inside temp.

Please complete The entire house (all 4 walls), sketch them and complete the chart.
This will be turned in when you turn in the project.

Continue working on the development of your house.  Make the floors-Demo
                                                                               Make stairs-Demo

All rooms must be furnished. 


Kahoot: https://create.kahoot.it/details/cea-2-2-heat-loss-and-gain/16c8225a-5d03-449f-add8-fe17ee751818