Posted by Alexis Mallory on 3/16/2020

Dear CEA Class,  It seems as if we are using snow days for this week 
                            and our spring break will be next week.  I posted a lesson
                            on Intro to Structural Design - 1 thing: worksheet
                            This assignment will not technically be due
                            until after our 2 weeks off.  For those that I have recieved, I will grade them
                            and get them in the grade book.  If those that did not turn them in yet
                            want to turn them in as you complete them- please do so.  
                            If I get word that we will be out for longer than the planned 2 weeks, I
                            will be posting more information on BEAMS so that we can get a head start
                            on this topic. I know you all must be bored and this will help expidite the 
                            learning process on this topic. 

                             For now: stay healthy, wash you hands, stay away from crowds.
                             Check periodically for updates.