BOE Meeting Highlights September 15, 2021


September 15, 2021

(The entirety of this meeting can be viewed on the NPCSD YouTube Channel)

 **A communication went out to all District families regarding the upcoming COVID screening of staff and students who opt into this program. Additional information will be provided next week regarding the screening process and when it will begin.

 **We are in week two of school and all has been going well! We had a 94% attendance rate on Wednesday, September 15th and strong attendance numbers since school has opened. As of the date/time of Tuesday, September 21, the District currently has no reported cases of the COVID-19 virus in our buildings. 

 **The New Paltz Central School District would like to recognize our four school nurses for their exemplary efforts throughout the past two years. Our New Paltz High School Nurse Sandra Hekking, our New Paltz Middle School Nurse Erin Bush, our Lenape Elementary Nurse Maria Meoli and our Duzine Elementary Nurse JoyVanvlack-Weis were all honored at the September 15th Board of Education meeting. 

 **Deputy Superintendent Michelle Martoni and Director of Student Support Services Federicka Butler shared a very informative presentation on “Supporting Students’ Academic and Social and Emotional Needs Post Pandemic.” Highlights of this presentation included the implementation of a Diverse Learning COSER though Ulster BOCES so that all students have access to curriculum and to identify learning gaps and how those gaps can be filled. Upcoming staff development sessions will be focused on meeting diverse learning needs, response to intervention (RTI) and how social-emotional learning is tied to academic success.

 **In the presentation, Ms. Butler focused on Restorative Justice practices and how all adults in the District will be trained on this topic, including Administration, Board of Education Trustees and Equity Team Members. The focus of restorative justice is to create relationships within the schools and to resolve conflicts peacefully and effectively. 

 **The BRIDGES K-5 Curriculum program will be implemented in the New Paltz Central School District. This focus area is designed to enhance students’ deep understanding of mathematical concepts. 

 **Deputy Superintendent Martoni stated the District is committed to providing direct supports to all students during this critical year. The District has hired four new social workers, which will be analyzing the post-pandemic needs of our students. Other supports put in place are: a dedicated Math Specialist at the K-2 level and an expansion of a Math Specialist at the Middle School level. The Astor Services Program is also returning and expanding in the District to provide support to both children and families, a Mental Health CPR program is also being offered by the Maya Gold Foundation. Step One will be coming into the District to provide drug and alcohol prevention and intervention to students. We are hoping to welcome CAFÉ (Cafeteria Alternative for Everyone) back to the New Paltz High School and are currently looking at spaces to provide this service. 

 **Ms. Butler concluded the presentation by stating High Priority Initiatives in the District this year will focus on Diversity and Inclusion through our partnerships with Due East and the Education Equity Collaborative and Social Emotional Learning. 

 **Other Discussion: A posting for the newly-created position of a District Athletic Trainer will be posted next week. A hard copy of the New Paltz Central School District Calendar will be mailed out at the beginning of October.