Mission Statement

The New Paltz Central School District exists for the children of the community. The focus of its programs and activities is the commitment to measured excellence and continuous growth and development for all.

Our Guiding Principles
  • Focus on learning and success for all
  • Create a cohesive and inclusive culture K-12,
    across buildings and departments
  • Empower and create success for disengaged
    and disenfranchised students
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  • Resources for Families and Students Dealing with Loss
    The New Paltz High School Principal, counseling staff and the high school teachers have shared with students that it is normal to experience an array of feelings after a tragic incident such as the sudden loss of a classmate.  It is important that the students understand that it's normal to feel angry or sad, shocked or, even frightened, and that it's very, very important to share their feelings with an adult. We have stressed that it's also important to talk with friends, but if students feel overwhelmed they need to speak with their parent(s) or another adult they can trust and who is able to help them.

    If the students don't feel they are able to speak with an adult they know, or, if a parent is in need of resources to help his/her child they can call:

    1-844-277-4820 which is the mobile mental health number. They are available from 1pm-11pm. Their website is

    Another resource is the Family of New Paltz Hot Line. The number is, 845-338-2370.They are available 24/7.

    Another is 1-800-273-TALK. 

    Also a walk in clinic available through the Institute for Family Health in Kingston.  It will be open 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 845- 338-2562.


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  •  New Paltz Board of Education submits proposed resolutions to New York State School Boards Association (NYSSBA)
    On June 23, 2015 the New Paltz Board of Education submitted four proposed resolutions to the NYSSBA Resolutions Committee for consideration for adoption at the Annual Convention and Education Expo in October 2015. The NYSSBA Resolutions Committee did not recommend the board's resolutions for adoption. Please click the link below to view the original resolutions and the rebuttals by the New Paltz Board of Education submitted on September 9, 2015. NPCSD-NYSSBA Proposed Resolutions and Rebuttals 

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  • New Paltz Central School District Board of Education Resolutions:
    Resolution Against Wasting Food and Taxpayer Money
    Resolution Supporting Local Taxing Authorities' Review and Approval of Industrial Development Agency Programs
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  • New Paltz Community Called to Action
    Your voices are needed in Albany. Please take a moment to review details of these two very important causes: Calling upon the governor to release state aid runs and ending the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA). Our children have the right to a sound, basic education as written in our New York State Constitution, and communities deserve financial support of their schools to help offset the expense of countless unfunded New York State Education mandates. Action by our elected State leaders is needed to protect these rights. Please join these efforts by clicking here.
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  • New Paltz Board of Education Asks Stakeholders to Oppose Mandatory Field Tests
    On January 7, 2015, a resolution was passed 7-0 by the Board of Education regarding its opposition to mandatory field testing of students in New York State. Parents and community residents are invited to do the same.  Click here to read the resolution and for more information on how you can help make a difference.
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  • Emails to the District
    If you send an email to someone in the District and do not receive a response, please call the party to whom you addressed the email. 
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  • New Paltz Central School District Board of Education Resolution to Support Public Education
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  • New Paltz Central School District Board of Education Resolution on Payment in Lieu of Tax (PILOT) Agreements
    New Paltz Central School District Board of Education Position Statement Regarding Housing and Dormitory PILOTs
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  • New Paltz High School Among America's Most Challenging High Schools
    The Washington Post’s education columnist, Jay Mathews, has been ranking the most challenging schools in the country and the D.C. region for 16 years. There are more than 1,900 schools on the America’s Most Challenging High Schools 2014 list.  New Paltz High School is ranked 73rd in the Northeast region making this the eighth consecutive year that the high school has received this recognition.
    The New Paltz High School’s philosophy toward its students and most challenging courses is simple, these courses are open to all students.   Many schools have entrance criteria in to high level courses, and if a student doesn’t do well while enrolled, he/she may be withdrawn from the course and directed to a less challenging level program instead. Even with this stiff competition, the NewPaltz High School maintains one of the district’s most important guiding principles, a focus on learning and success for all.

    Congratulations to Barbara Clinton, a principal whose leadership inspires students and staff to excellence, and to an instructional staff who believes all students can achieve at high levels given the appropriate supports and high quality instruction (with an emphasis on the high quality instruction they provide on a daily basis). And of course, accolades to our students who take up the challenge with great success! 

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