Mission Statement

The New Paltz Central School District exists for the children of the community. The focus of its programs and activities is the commitment to measured excellence and continuous growth and development for all.

Our Guiding Principles
  • Focus on learning and success for all
  • Create a cohesive and inclusive culture K-12, across buildings and departments     
  • Empower and create success for disengaged and disenfranchised students

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  • The Board of Education adopted a position statement regarding the SED's Value Added Model and APPR mandates at the November 4, 2015 Board of Education meeting.
    Click here to read full statement.

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  • Board of Education Encourages Community to Keep Up-to-Date on Project

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  • Resources Continue to be Available for Students

    Many of our students, staff, and members of our community are still grieving and struggling to make sense out of the recent loss of Maya Gold. This is okay. It is important to recognize that every individual will process loss differently and will grieve and heal at his or her own pace. Supports will remain in place at the High School for as long as they are needed.  

    In the aftermath of tragedies such as these, it is common for students and others in the school community to be emotionally overwhelmed. Recognizing and coping with these intense emotions is important. Beyond common feelings of sadness, anger, and fear, students might also experience physical symptoms such as stomachache, shortness of breath, insomnia, fatigue, or irritability. Students are encouraged to speak to an adult they trust if they have any of these feelings.

    Students are encouraged to reach out for support however they are most comfortable. The Guidance Office will remain the center for coordinating and providing student support. Middle School counseling staff will also report to the High School next week to help address students’ needs. Students can visit the Guidance Office to receive support. Counselors, social workers, and school psychologists can also be reached via email. In addition, teachers and administrators continue to be available for students before, during, and after the school day. The library is also available to small groups of students, as needed.  

    Parents may also have noticed that since this tragedy, our academic program and expectations have been modified. Dates for completing written assessments and formal grade reporting to parents were extended. Incompletes and/or extensions were approved upon student, teacher, and/or parent request. As we look ahead, we will continue to address the individual needs of the students while reintroducing the academic and extra curricular program. Several meetings have taken place with students, parents, and members of the community to discuss moving ahead. Specific dates for the upcoming events will be posted on the website and announced on NPZ and in the school newspaper.  

    Parents of students who are still struggling to deal with this loss may also find some of the outside resources listed below useful. As always, parents are asked to contact Principal Clinton or the Guidance Office staff if there are specific concerns about their child.

    If the students don't feel they are able to speak with an adult they know, or, if a parent is in need of resources to help his/her child they can call: 

    *   1-844-277-4820, which is the mobile mental health number. They are available from 1-11 PM. Their website is 
    *   845-338-2370, to reach the 24/7 Family of New Paltz Hot Line.  
    *   1-800-273-TALK.  
    *   Also, a walk in clinic available through the Institute for Family Health in Kingston.  It will be open 8 AM – 8PM Saturday and Sunday 845-338-2562. 

    The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has resources to help parents discuss suicide with their child which can be found here: Helping Children Understand.

    The National Association of School Psychologists has resources on coping with loss from death which can be found here: Helping Children Deal With Loss, Death, and Grief.

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  • Emails to the District
    If you send an email to someone in the District and do not receive a response, please call the party to whom you addressed the email. 
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  • New Paltz High School Among America's Most Challenging High Schools
    The Washington Post’s education columnist, Jay Mathews, has been ranking the most challenging schools in the country and the D.C. region for 16 years. There are more than 1,900 schools on the America’s Most Challenging High Schools 2014 list.  New Paltz High School is ranked 73rd in the Northeast region making this the eighth consecutive year that the high school has received this recognition.
    The New Paltz High School’s philosophy toward its students and most challenging courses is simple, these courses are open to all students.   Many schools have entrance criteria in to high level courses, and if a student doesn’t do well while enrolled, he/she may be withdrawn from the course and directed to a less challenging level program instead. Even with this stiff competition, the NewPaltz High School maintains one of the district’s most important guiding principles, a focus on learning and success for all.

    Congratulations to Barbara Clinton, a principal whose leadership inspires students and staff to excellence, and to an instructional staff who believes all students can achieve at high levels given the appropriate supports and high quality instruction (with an emphasis on the high quality instruction they provide on a daily basis). And of course, accolades to our students who take up the challenge with great success! 

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