• On Wednesday morning July 1st, my alarm went off, but there really was no need for it today, I had been awake for an hour.  I had the feeling of excitement that I’ve felt, usually in September for over 20 years on the first day of school. This wasn’t a September morning though, it was July, and I was headed out to start a new chapter, on my way to New Paltz for my first day as superintendent.


    I’ve often wondered  about where my “next” would be, but have always had faith that I would find the right fit, that I would end up where I was meant to be.   I have long admired the academic and philosophical strength of the New Paltz Central School District.  The commitment to the education and preparation of students to truly be informed members of the world outside of the pastoral valleys where we reside, is not by chance, but rather reflective of great depth of intention, a priority of purpose and vision.  I am humbled by the opportunity to lead the New Paltz Central School District especially at such a challenging point in our history.


    The 19-20 school year was unlike any other we’ve ever experienced.   I am keenly aware of the anxiety that is already present regarding the school year that will begin in several weeks. It is quite natural that we are all seeking answers and a plan for ourselves and for our children.  We have begun the thought, conversations and the work required to reopen our schools, ever mindful of the fact that much of what we are grappling with is out of our hands. I assure you that when these decisions are made they will be communicated to you.


    In closing, thank you to those of you who have taken the time to welcome me to the community.  I look forward to the opportunities we have to meet and work collectively on our common goals and shared commitments to the children of this district.

Angela Urbina Medina