• Use of Federal Funding for Recovery Efforts


    As part of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act Funding, the New Paltz Central School District is slated to receive $1,963,300 of additional funding to use before September 30, 2024. The funding may only be used for approved purposes that are identified within the legislation. These purposes fall under the themes of keeping students safe and healthy (including social-emotional support) and addressing the academic impact of the pandemic, as well as supporting the continued operations of the school district in the 2021-2022 school year. 


    Since the funding is short-term, it is important to apply it in a thoughtful and sustainable manner in order to prevent legacy costs that would impact future tax levies. Our plan is also designed to be nimble, allowing us to be responsive to student needs and direct funding where it can have the most impact.


    It was also important to us to align funding with areas that the community identified as priorities for the future of the district. Using data collected through surveys, conversations facilitated through our new Thought Exchange platform, and discussions with teachers, our plan focuses on the areas of Social Emotional Supports; Academic Supports; and Equity and Inclusion for all Students. We welcome comments from the community on the direction of our efforts. Please share your thoughts with us by emailing communications@newpaltz.k12.ny.us


    Social Emotional Supports

    • Building Strong Trusted Relationships with Adults
    • Engaging Stakeholders to Build an Understanding of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and the Role Schools, Families, and the Community Play
    • Nurturing Existing K-12 SEL Programming and Expanding 6-12 SEL Initiatives
    • Building Capacity and Understanding of SEL through Professional Development 
    • Cultivating an Affirming, Welcoming Environment for All Students
    • Focusing on Trauma-Informed Practices
    • Expanding Services through the Addition of Mental Health and Wellness Positions
    • Expanding On-Site Access to Mental Health Services through Partnerships
    • Working Closely with Various Community Partners


    Academic Supports

    • Identifying Individual Academic Needs
    • Applying Responsive Teaching to Adapt to Student Needs in the Moment
    • Offering Opportunities for Targeted Tutoring
    • Building Formal Advisory-Type Relationships
    • Offering Focused Professional Development
    • Improving K-12 Response to Intervention
    • Connecting Students to One Another Across Buildings
    • Offering K-6 Summer Academy, 7-12 Credit Recovery Program, and K-12 ENL Summer Academy and Enrichment Programs for Students with Limited English Proficiency
    • Expanding Literacy Initiatives for ENL Students 


    Equity & Inclusion for All

    • Implementing Restorative Practices for Grading and Discipline
    • Identifying and Removing Barriers for All
    • Continuing commitment to Hire and Attract a Diverse Staff  
    • Cultivating an Affirming, Welcoming Environment for All Students
    • Offering Professional Development Opportunities