• Software Inventory Survey


    1. Select the survey for each building you work in. 

    2. For each question, select Yes or No, depending on your Software, App, or Website usage

    1. If your answer is No, you will be taken to the next question
    2. If your answer is Yes, you will be asked to provide a brief instructional purpose and identify the level and area it is being used. 

    3. The ‘Next’ button moves you through the survey.

    4. The ‘Back’ button takes you to the previous page.

    5. The final page will allow you to tell us about any other Software, Apps, or Websites you use in your instruction. 

    6. When you have completed this, click ‘Done.’


    • The survey is "resumable". If you need to stop work and complete it at another time, your work will be saved and the survey will return you to the place you left off when you are ready to continue.
    • If you find yourself on a "details" page for a software you do not use, simply click the "back" button and change your response to "no". 

    Thank you for your time and responses!


    Duzine Elementary Software Inventory

    Lenape Elementary Software Inventory

    Middle School Software Inventory 

    High School Software Inventory