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  • student posing in front of a wall of artwork

    End of Year Art Show

    Lenape Elementary hosted an amazing art show. The hallways were transformed into a stunning gallery walk, showcasing incredible artwork from our talented students in Grades 3, 4, and 5, spanning multiple mediums. A huge thank you to our fantastic PTA for providing delicious snacks and to the wonderful Morgan Profaci for making the evening truly unforgettable.

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  •  students performing a play

    Grade 3 Students Present "Goodnight Princess"

    Ellen Makow's Grade 3 class recently dazzled friends and family with their performance of "Goodnight Princess - Sleepless in Fairytale Land" by D.M. Larson. The enchanting story follows Princess Nara, who struggles to get some sleep. Along the way, she's visited by a host of whimsical characters from Fairytale Land, each offering their unique advice. The hero of the night? Rip Van Winkle, who comes to the rescue and saves the day!

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  •  student playing french horn

    Spring Concert

    The talented Lenape Elementary School bands and choruses are gearing up for an unforgettable Spring Concert this week.

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  • students sitting outside in a circle

    Grade 3 Students Observe Caterpillars Transform into Butterflies

    Linda Sinforoso and Joanna Wilcox’s Grade 3 class embarked on an amazing journey, caring for caterpillars and witnessing their magical transformation into butterflies! The students documented every step, capturing the beauty and wonder in their writings and drawings. When the time came to set the butterflies free, students observed the delicate creatures up close, adding another layer to their awesome experience.

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  • Students looking at a snapping turtle in the garden

    A Special Guest in the Lenape Elementary Garden

    A mama snapping turtle has been spotted in the garden mulch pile at Lenape Elementary School! It's nesting season for these amazing creatures, which also happen to be the official state reptile of New York! Snapping turtles usually hang out in lakes and ponds, but in June, the females come out to nest.

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  • Class listening to speaker

    Residency with Storyteller Alicia Quintano

    Grade 3 students were recently treated to an engaging residency with storyteller Alicia Quintano. Click to learn more!

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  • Students looking at stream sample

    Grade 3 Students Visit Mohonk Preserve

    Tina Harris’s Grade 3 class embarked on an unforgettable trip  to Mohonk Preserve. Click to read more about what they learned!

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  • Students on a sailboat

    Sailing Onboard the Sloop Clearwater

    Enthusiastic Grade 4 students, under the guidance of teachers Meredith Oppenheimer, Erin Bulson, and Francesca Houston, embarked on an exhilarating sailing adventure aboard the Sloop Clearwater!

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